Jeremy's testing page

“Massive gratitude for timely assistance. Both paramedics were so compassionate! Don't let these two amazing paramedics leave!”

“Paramedics cared for my daughter after a very scary fall.  Their calm, caring and knowledgeable presence made the world of difference to us, especially in light of the terrifying events of this accident.”

“I called an Ambulance to my residence. My heart was racing & I needed medical attention. Two Paramedics arrived & immediately attend to me & brought my heart rate to normal. They did all that right on my driveway, inside the Ambulance. They were so pleasant, knowledgeable & very professional in their job. I thank them from the bottom of my heart”

“I just wanted to let you know how grateful I was to the paramedic team who came to my rescue. So caring & kind. Please convey my heartfelt thanks for their professionalism & care.”

“I wanted to pass along our thanks to the paramedics that picked up, assisted my mom with a cardiac emergency and again last night, taking her to UH. They showed extraordinary care, saved her life, with their skill and compassion.  Big thank you from our family”

“I am 88 years old and today when I had an emergency, I had the privilege of being looked after by paramedics, who were two of the most patient, kind-hearted young men. They made me feel so relaxed, my blood pressure came down. They explained everything they did very well and seemed truly interested in helping me. Great job.”

“Hello, my family and I are wanting to thank the paramedics who tried to save my grandmas life. They worked on her tirelessly and were amazing and we would like to say our thanks to the first responders.”

“Paramedics attended my parents' residence today, I wanted to take a moment and recognize their care and patience while dealing with my father as he was reluctant to go to hospital. They did a wonderful job and we were all able to get him to go with them in the ambulance.”